31 July 2009

Forgotten Keys

Sometimes my animation exercises were just too ambitious for the time allotted, or in this case, too ambitious and slightly stupid.

Either way, there are usually some worthwhile drawings that get left in a pile collecting dust. While cleaning and organizing my room, I came across some forgotten assignments and decided to scan a few in. These are from a 3rd year exercise that I ended up scrapping completely. There were a ton of other drawings involved, but these are the keys from the set up for the “Note” assignment.

Not pictured is the second character, a zebra munching some grass. The lion sneaks up on him.

But the zebra just keeps on eating, unfazed.

The lion keeps trying.

Then he turns his back, scratching his arm.

There was more to this, but kind of loses steam from here on, so we’ll leave it at that.

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