31 July 2009

Along the Way

I notice a lot of interesting things in my travels. Typically speaking, my travels don’t take me far at all, but I’m always on the lookout for unique roadside things wherever I go. It’s true my heart belongs to diners first, but there are all sorts of other oddities to appreciate out there.

Like this for instance.

It looks like any small car dealership on Rt. 21 in Newark, but the layout of the place and the small size of the building makes me want to believe that this was formerly a drive in eatery. There’s another one further west on this road that I have the same suspicion about, though I’ve been unable to photograph it so far.

Then there are scenes like this. I call it “Sprawl: 1950, 2002”.

I swear I’ll get a better composed shot of this, but I can’t always get the right seat or weather conditions for it when I take the train. The reflections in the photo are there because it was shot through the train window, and the interior of the car is lit.

On a longer and more exciting trip, I snapped the following photos from a moving car (don’t worry, I wasn’t driving).

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Sachio Cook said...

I really really enjoy these!! I'm trying to do my poynter layout assignments and these pictures actually make me want to get started.