14 February 2009

Goings on

Hey there, it's been too long. I've been computer-less since the last post. I mean, just to check my email I have to walk 3 1/2 blocks...uphill in the snow! My laptop is stuck in hell, I mean, Dell, and they're not giving it back. They're not even telling me what was wrong with it. They're just going to replace it, which isn't the point of me sending it to them to be fixed. And there's no telling when that new machine will show up.

But check out how crazy the thing looked when it was on the fritz! It's like C++ vomit!

Obviously, this has hurt my production schedule, but there isn't much I can do about it except just keep working on what I can at school. I'm going to miss that computer. It was quite the workhorse.

In other news, the George Washington caught on fire. Ok, the building next to the GW caught on fire and we all had to evacuate. I'm pretty sure part of the GW was damaged because there was water in the lobby when we returned and the place smelled like smoke, but FDNY is on that stuff and there were no visible flames by the time we all evacuated and ran around to the 23rd Street side to see what was going on. It was almost disappointing--I think most people were hoping to see the building engulfed in fire.

But it was definitely the dorkiest fire you could be at. There were people fleeing with large paintings trailing behind them, film majors filming the scene with the cameras they rent from the school, and photography majors taking pictures with huge lenses. I happened to have my own little camera in my pocket and took some pictures and video. I was also lucky enough to still have my thesis secured in my backpack so I just had to grab it and go. Thankfully, nobody was hurt so it was more of a party than a tragedy.

Speaking of thesis, I've been plugging away to say the least. I basically lived at the studio this past week, and though I can't exactly make a habit of the kind of schedule I pulled, it's going to be pretty intense for the remainder of the year. I'll devote a post to thesis stuff specifically sometime in the future, but here are some things I doodled in Alias Sketchbook when I needed a break from animating/compositing.

This one was from awhile ago

The weather was ridiculously nice on Wednesday, so I drew this
It's legs don't really work so I kind of just made it...float. I was tired, ok?!?

My friend Paul did this one. He'll take objects around and try to design a character out of them. So here is a lady based on my eyedrop bottle and a guy based on my ipod.
I drew this one just before I left on Friday. I was done with work at this point and just needed to draw something that wasn't thesis. That and I was wasting time so I didn't have to take a rush hour train home.

Also, it occured to me that this pose, kind of the iconic sea dragon pose, makes no physical sense at all. I guess it would move in a wave motion, but not that bunched up...whatever. I had fun drawing it.