30 July 2009

Fluff: Childhood Americana in a Jar

While walking through the food store the other day, I noticed something that hasn’t been in my kitchen cabinet for a long time: Fluff. So I bought a jar.

That’s when I realized how perfect the overall product design was.

The jar design has been in use since 1947, and the logo design looks like it hasn’t changed since about that time as well. That makes it awesome. (If the logo were redesigned today, they’d try to make it look edgy and hip. And then I’d cry a little.) I love the typeface, the painting of some Fluff on a spoon, and the stippled glasswork. The ingredients are listed right on the front (corn syrup, sugar, dried egg white, vanillin). And look, its overall red, white, and blue theme makes it patriotic!

Next to peanut butter, Fluff’s best compliment is a Ritz cracker. Seriously. Put Fluff on a Ritz, it’s amazing.

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