05 January 2009

New Name!

Welcome to The Animation Diner! I've changed the name of this blog because frankly, "Animation Etcetera" was lame. I never even talked about the Etcetera part.

So the place doesn’t look very diner-ish right now, but it will once I get out of thesis mode. I love diners. I could do whole posts just about diners. But I won’t because right now it’s only a good way to procrastinate when there’s legitimate work to be done. In the meantime, here are some nice diner pictures I've taken.

I actually tried to write a thesis idea that took place in a diner, but couldn't come up with anything suitable this time around.


val ang said...

YO! didn't know you blizzog'd... cute last picture! Mmm diner. Can't wait for the thesis overnight breakfast diner party next week.

stephen said...

these are really nice diners.